Mettle Spares

Spare parts for the Identiti Mettle

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Spare parts for the Identiti Mettle

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Exploded parts diagram

exploded view of mettle frame

Part Number Item Description No.
FMITZ7MFSB Shock Bolt, Front Shock Bolt 1, 4
FMITZ7MRSB Shock Bolt, Rear shock bolt 1, 16
FMITZ7MMP Chainstay Main Pivot Axle, Chainstay Main Pivot Tube Spacer, Chainstay Pivot Cap 7, 9, 10
FMITZ7MCSP Chainstay Pivot Cap, Inside Rear Chainstay Hardware, Chainstay Pivot Spacer 8, 9, 20
FMITZ7MRUP Rocker Pivot Caps, Inside Top Rocker Hardware 5, 6
FMITZ7MRLP Rocker Pivot Caps, Lower Rocker Pivot Axle 6, 15
FMITZ7MRA Rear Axle, Axle O-Ring, Axle Spacer, Rear Axle Wedge, Rear Axle Nut 11, 12, 13, 17, 18
FMITZ7MRH Mech Hanger, Mech Hanger Bolt 3, 14
FMITZ7MB Chainstay Main Pivot Bearing, Chainstay Pivot Bearing 2, 22
FMITZ7MCG Internal Cable Guides 19
FMITZ7MBI Brake Mount Barrel Inserts 21