About Identiti Bikes

Founded in the back of a bike shop in 1998 Identiti began life as the classic “for riders by riders” small bike company, designing and building bikes that the team wanted to ride with the features and performance that they felt were important. That philosophy hasn’t changed in the intervening years we still design and build bikes where performance and features are the important factors and corners aren’t cut getting to the finished product.

We make bikes that we want to ride at any opportunity, bikes that are thoroughly tested in the harshest of conditions, real world testing by riders who are continually looking to develop the perfect bike for the discipline be it Enduro, Trail, DJ, BMX or Adventure. Only when they are happy do we finish the design, it might take longer but we know that you don’t want to be the beta tester. We’re proud of our build quality, low warranty rate and number of satisfied customers, these are the criteria we use to define success.

Our range of bikes is eclectic reflecting the diversity of riding we do not the typical marketing led approach of targeting different genres and having a model for each at specific price points, we aren’t tied into the industry demand for “new” models every year just because of component changes. We design and develop in our own time and only when totally satisfied do we move to production. With this process we won’t follow the industry new model year norm, we’ll only update a model when there are significant reasons to do so and we know that the changes are worthwhile. We know that not everyone will want that but if you do you might want to check out our range to discover your Identiti.