The Identiti warranty is provided in addition to your statuary rights, which may vary depending on your state and/or country. In all circumstances, please contact the supplying dealer. You should always contact them first if you have a problem with your Identiti bike.

Our warranty means that we believe that an Identiti bike should be designed and manufactured to a “fit for purpose standard” for its intended use. This warranty does not mean that an item cannot be bent, broken, worn out or suffer failure from poor maintenance or misuse, bikes are not indestructible and if misused can break.

As a company – we have a “Fair Use” policy of treating our customers fairly and look at any warranty claim in that way. That does not mean that we will give away anything and everything that people ask for, but that we will treat every customer in a fair, honest and decent way. We examine every claim for signs of misuse but we endeavour to find a solution to assist every customer.


Frame and rigid forks

Identiti warrants to the original owner the replacement of the frame or fork due to defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.

Cosmetic damage

The warranty also excludes damage or deterioration to the surface finish, aesthetics or appearance of the product. Cosmetic damage caused by the normal use of the bike e.g. heel rub, chainstay chipping, cable rubbing or knee pad wearing through paint is not covered under this warranty and owners should consider using clear paint protection film to prevent this.

Pivot bearings

Pivot bearings on full suspension bikes are covered by an original owner 2 year warranty. The bike must be inspected by the supplying dealer who will then contact Identiti for replacement bearings. The user will be responsible for any labour charge incurred in the removal of the old bearings and replacement with new. The bearing warranty excludes misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance e.g. pressure washers.

Components and suspension

All suspension forks, rear shocks (if fitted) and components shall be covered by the stated warranty of their manufacturer. Warranty claims for suspension forks, rear shocks and components should be sent to the representative of the manufacturer via the supplying dealer.

The Identiti warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame or fork and is the sole remedy of the warranty. The owner will also be responsible for any labour and postage costs involved and the cost of any additional components required.

The warranty is subject to the following conditions and limitations;

This warranty applies to the registered original retail purchaser only, and is non-transferable. This warranty applies only to a bicycle purchased from a retailer authorised by Identiti. The warranty excludes products that have been subject to;

Modification, abuse, neglect, accident, improper assembly, fitting unauthorised components, lack of maintenance, commercial hiring, normal wear & tear, stunt riding, wilful damage, failure to follow instructions (whether verbal or in writing) or other similar activities that would generally be accepted to void a warranty.

All warranty claims must be made via the original supplying dealer (if applicable) and supported by proof of purchase. (Copies of service applicable handbooks may also be required for validation of correct maintenance). The complete bicycle must be returned via the authorised Identiti dealer to allow inspection of all the components and parts.

No warranty claim can be considered valid until the item has been inspected and agreed by Identiti.

In the event of a genuine warranty claim being validated;

Original replacement parts only (or the nearest available equivalent parts) will be issued from Identiti. Note: Original colour/paint finish might not be available and Identiti will supply the closest current colour available. Complete bikes will not be exchanged or credited. Identiti does not include labour charges as part of the warranty. We strongly advise that any spares or parts are fitted by a suitably skilled person in accordance with our specifications (Our warranty is on the condition that any work carried out is done by a qualified cycle mechanic). Identiti cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the incorrect fitting of a spare or replacement part. Identiti shall not be responsible for accidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever caused.

The user assumes any and all risks in using the products in any manner excluded by this warranty.

Please note: All returns are at sender’s expense.

This warranty in no way seeks to diminish your statutory rights as a consumer, which may vary from country to country. In all circumstances, please contact the supplying dealer.

Identiti has a policy of continual product development and improvement; therefore specifications may be changed without prior notice.