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Built to take a hammering. Day in. Day out.

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160mm Travel. 27.5’’ Wheels. Fast.

Designed for 21st century mountain biking, the Mettle gives you the confidence to ride faster and harder than before.

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Identiti was founded from the back of a local bike shop in 1998. The cliché of ‘for riders by riders’ rings true here - We make bikes we want to ride every evening and weekend, year on year. We develop and test our bikes thoroughly on our home turf, as well as abroad, ensuring our bikes get real world tested, in real world weather, to make the best product we can.

Our range has expanded with our riding tastes, from riding dirt jumps in summer, to pinning a 4x track, to just hitting the hills on our all mountain bike or cranking out miles on the road. Our eclectic range of bikes covering many riding types is proof that we just like to get out and ride wherever and whenever we can.

What’s your Identiti?


Here’s the faces behind the brand.

image of Pat Campbel-Jenner

Pat Campbell-Jenner

Brand/Product Manager, Lead Test Rider

Rides – Anything with two wheels

image of Michael Bonney

Michael Bonney

Project Manager and Consultant

Rides – Boma7 Offroad wheelchair

image of Till Overwian

Till Overwien

Team rider - Germany

Rides – Dirt Jump

image of the Identiti factory BMX team

Factory BMX Team

Julian Allen, Oli Cutmore, Shane Redgewell, Christian White, Sydney Allen, Maddie Owen-Matthews: UK and International Race BMX

Rides – Krisis MX

image of Matt Hillyard

Matt Hillyard

Team Rider – UK

Rides – Downhill

Interesting in becoming part of our awesome team? Connect with us below.


Take a look at our Instagram feed or contact us directly and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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