Here’s the faces behind the brand.

image of Pat Campbel-Jenner

Pat Campbell-Jenner

Brand/Product Manager, Lead Test Rider

Rides – Anything with two wheels

image of Michael Bonney

Michael Bonney

Project Manager and Consultant

Rides – Boma7 Offroad wheelchair

image of Till Overwian

Till Overwien

Team rider - Germany

Rides – Dirt Jump

image of the Identiti factory BMX team

Factory BMX Team

Julian Allen, Oli Cutmore, Shane Redgewell, Christian White, Sydney Allen, Maddie Owen-Matthews: UK and International Race BMX

Rides – Krisis MX

image of Matt Hillyard

Matt Hillyard

Team Rider – UK

Rides – Downhill

image of James Shirley

James Shirley

Team Rider - UK

Rides – Enduro

image of Oli Carter

Oli Carter

Team Rider - UK

Rides – Enduro

image of Will Greenfield

Will Greenfield

Team Rider - UK

Rides – Enduro

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