Rebate 15x100 Axle Kit

15x100mm Axle kit to suit QR Rebate forks

RRP from £24.99

Rebate V-adaptors

Clamp-on brake mounts for Identiti Rebate forks

RRP from £24.99

Lock washers

Lock washers for Sturmey Archer Hubs

RRP from £10.99

Mettle Spares

Spare parts for the Identiti Mettle

RRP from £5.99

10mm Taperlock Washers

Taperlock Washer kit to suit Identiti 10mm frames

RRP from £5.99

S24 ADS Dropouts

for Identiti ADS frames

RRP from £22.00

Spare Gear Hangers

For various non-ADS Identiti frames

RRP from £9.99

Alloy ADS Dropouts

for Identiti ADS frames.

RRP from £12.50

Mogul DH Frame Spares

Spares for the Identiti Mogul

RRP from £12.50

MAZ ADS Dropouts

for Identiti P60 & P66 frames

RRP from £17.50