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Identiti Mettle

27.5″ Wheels |160mm Rear Travel | Alloy

Bettered Perfection.

The Mettle is our much loved but often abused bike of choice that lives its life covered in mud and used for taking on all day epics in the mountains, uplift days, or just thrashing around. A true workhorse designed to take it all and keep on coming back for more. It’s widely become the bike of choice for riders that want to spend more time riding, less time faffing and it’s just got even better.

What’s different?

Slacker Head Tube Angle | Steeper Seat Tube Angle | Longer Reach on all sizes.

‘What does this mean?’ We hear your screaming at your computer. We don’t believe in change for changes sake, but if we can make a change for the better, we will. Here’s how it helps you…

As a combined package all three geometry changes mean that our sat down sizing (effective top tube length) remains almost identical to the previous generation Mettle, yet your mass is more central and balanced between the wheels. But the stood up, foot out, berm slapping sizing – the kind of riding you’d buy this bike for – is more confident and ready to get loose when you are, simple.

What else?

Two fresh licks of paint – Satin Rich Rust or Gloss Night Time Navy.





597 597 606


450 477 500

Effective Top Tube

599 626 652

Head Tube Length

115 115 125

Seat Tube Length

413 450 470

Bottom Bracket Drop

7 7 7

Chain Stay Length

435 435 435


1213 1240 1267

Front Centre

778 805 832

Head Tube Angle

64.5° 64.5° 64.5°

Effective Seat Tube Angle

76° 76° 76°
Shock Length 230 230 230
Shock Stroke 60 60 60
Maximum Seat Tube Insertion 215 250 270


Where to Buy

Technical Information

A. 6061 T6 Alloy

A. S.H.I.S. Zero stack 44mm Upper, and Zero Stack 56mm Lower

A. Our bikes come with boost chainline cranks as standard, but as long as they’re compatible with a 73mm bb, you can run traditional cranks, although the chain line will need to be adjusted.

A. All our bikes are 1x only.

A. 160-170mm 27.5" forks.

A. 8x 6902 bearings. The spec is 28 x 15 x 7/10mm (stepped inner race).

A. You can fit up to a 2.6" or 65mm tyre

A. The brake mount is 180mm post mount direct.

A. The decals are under the factory laquer finish. Unfortunately we don’t offer replacements at this time.

A. Yes you can! We offer the MRP Hazzard as an option for a little extra. To find out what spring you need, use the suspension set up tab above.

A. Rear Axle: 20Nm, Pivots and Shock Bolts: 15Nm, Mech Hanger Bolt: 10Nm. Please grease the bolts before assembling.
Fork Compatibilty 27.5" 160-170mm 29" 160mm (Mullet)
Headset ZS44 Upper, ZS56 Lower
Seat Post 30.9mm
Seat Clamp 34.9mm
BB Shell 73mm threaded
Wheelsize 27.5"
Max Tyre 27.5" - 2.6" or 65mm
Rear Axle 148 x 12mm
Min Rotor 140mm (IS), 180mm (PM)
Max Rotor 180mm (IS), 203mm (PM)
Shock Eye to Eye 230mm
Shock Stroke 60mm
Shock Hardware 8x30mm Front and Rear
small size

5'5" - 5'9"

165 - 175

medium size

5'9" - 6'1"

175 - 185

large size

6'1" - 6'6"

185 - 198

Our bikes are big, just look at those reach numbers! So when picking your sizing take this into account. Here's a couple of examples,

  • If you usually ride a medium and want a longer feeling bike, stick to a medium with us.
  • For those out there between sizing on this chart, what sort of feel do you want? If you want snappy and playful, go for the size down and get loose, or if you want long and stable, go for the size up and hit those trails like a south bound freight train!

We recommend you go and check out the bikes with one of our dealers to make sure you get the size right for you! Find dealers here.

exploded view of mettle frame
Part Number Item Description No.
FMITZ7MFSB Shock Bolt, Front Shock Bolt 1, 4
FMITZ7MRSB Shock Bolt, Rear shock bolt 1, 16
FMITZ7MMP Chainstay Main Pivot Axle, Chainstay Main Pivot Tube Spacer, Chainstay Pivot Cap 7, 9, 10
FMITZ7MCSP Chainstay Pivot Cap, Inside Rear Chainstay Hardware, Chainstay Pivot Spacer 8, 9, 20
FMITZ7MRUP Rocker Pivot Caps, Inside Top Rocker Hardware 5, 6
FMITZ7MRLP Rocker Pivot Caps, Lower Rocker Pivot Axle 6, 15
FMITZ7MRA Rear Axle, Axle O-Ring, Axle Spacer, Rear Axle Wedge, Rear Axle Nut 11, 12, 13, 17, 18
FMITZ7MRH Mech Hanger, Mech Hanger Bolt 3, 14
FMITZ7MB Chainstay Main Pivot Bearing, Chainstay Pivot Bearing 2, 22
FMITZ7MCG Internal Cable Guides 19
FMITZ7MBI Brake Mount Barrel Inserts 21