2011 P66's arriving soon!
14th of October 2010

The brand new Identiti P66 Comp bikes will be arriving soon.

26” expert level trails bike loaded with unique features and quality branded components - you won't find no-name OEM parts on these bikes! Built around the same 100% TAF Cro-Moly frame that the Identiti Pro's (such as Danny Pace) ride - not a cheap hi-ten steel copy. For 2011 we have upgraded the parts package and made a slight revision to the frame with the addition of a downtube gusset for added strength without significantly adding weight.

New parts include Gusset Pinhead Clear pedals, Halo T2 rims, Gusset EXP SL cranks, Gusset MX chains, Gusset Tight Bastard Lock-On grips (with anodised collars)...and more! They still come with proven award-winning parts such as Society Xeno forks, Gusset Colt stems, Halo Combat SS hubs, Gusset Hydraulic Hydro-Chute brakes and Gusset Integral Kevlar seat/post combo. So you get a whole lotta bike for your money - no need to change parts as the P66 comp's are good to ride at competition level straight out of the box!

A unique feature of the P66 frame is the Maz ADS (adjustable dropout system). These classy looking CNC'd plates allow easy axle adjustment and tension (without the need for chain tugs) and the ability to keep the disc brake aligned wherever you run the wheel as the whole unit moves together. 10mm versions come as standard on the bikes but 14mm versions are available after-market should you which to change your wheels. It's a simple idea but (like all the best ones) one that you wonder how you did without it!

Available in six colourways Black, Galvanised, Red, Fluro Yellow, Chrome Plate or White with Red or Blue colour-matched parts kits. All for Rrp£799.99.


CHRIS DELIA - Fixed Freestyle
6th of October 2010

Chris is a really cool laid back guy and has been sponsored by Halo for about a year now, he has documented his progression along the way with various photoshoots and awesome web edits. Chris has been busy recently riding Europe for Halo, London Fixed gear and Vans and rides an Identiti Persona with various Halo and Gusset Parts. Check out this edit of Chris doing what he does best, riding LDNtown !





Krisis SL Review! WOW!!!
29th of September 2010

The latest copy of Dirt has just landed here and the Identiti Krisis SL has been reviewed...and what a review!

Designed by Identit 4X rider Pat Campbell-Jennerthe Krisis is an awesome race winning frame and for 2011 comes in an excellent new Highlighter Yellow !...

Read it to see why the Krisis SL has become THE 4X frame of choice for many racers.


Woburn jam video !
29th of July 2010

A nice video edit from the jam that went down at Woburn trails.

Starring Sam Pilgrim, Glen Coe, Pat Campbell-Jenner. organiser Matt Jones and many more!

Includes some really nice Go-Pro shots of Sam and Glen flowing through the trails!

Video and Photos - Dave Franciosy

Click on the link below.


Tom's Fort Bill Blog
26th of June 2010

Tom Knight's Fort Bill Blog...

Fort William WC

On the 5th and 6th of June the worlds best riders gathered up at the Nevis range in fort William for the 2nd round of the world cup DH and the 3rd round of the world cup 4X.
We arrived early Wednesday evening at the campsite were staying at in awesome weather conditions and to my surprised no midgies. Pat CJ arrived shortly after in the team van and we headed of into the local town of Kinlochleven for some traditional fish and chips for tea. After this short excursion we headed back to the caravan for some sleep which was needed after the long drives we all had in order to get there.
The next morning we after a well earned lie in we headed up to to the Nevis range where the race would take place to take a look at the course and see what was happening as we had practice later that evening. During the day we caught up with some fellow brits and team mates and had a good ramble about the course and just had a good catch up. Before we knew it practice time was fast approaching so it was time to get suited and booted and hit the highland hills for some riding. Practice went pretty well we sorted out all the jumps easily enough and did a few gates also. The only thing that was playing on peoples minds a little was the rock cap that needed to be done on the exit of the rock garden in order to be fast. We had seen some of the pros do it but we were still a bit sceptical about hitting because if you came up short it wasn’t going to be nice. Anyway eventually we plucked up the courage to do it and got is sorted.
After practice we somehow managed to acquire Tom Dowie back to base camp to stay and Pat cooked us up some magic spaghetti meals sorted. Once we had been fed and watered we watched a bit of TV the hit the hay for the practice and qualifying the next day.
We woke up late the next day to ensure we were fully energized for qualifying then we headed up to the track to look at the track and lines. When we got there the news was spreading that the track had changed because the rock garden made it a one line race which was true. The track now followed the old course which created more overtaking opportunities. Because the track had changed it was important to get up and practice early and nail the fastest lines for quali and that’s exactly what we did.
Pat was of first in quali and with a good run he placed 22nd. I was off near the end of the pack. I put in a pretty good run to and ended up placing just behind in 23rd spot. However we did eventually move up a spot because Fishbach got DQ for jumping over one of the course markers. So with good nights qualifying behind us we were looking forward to racing and shredding it with some pros the next day.
Again the next day we had a good rest and headed up the venue a couple of hours before the practice session. In the few hours we had before practice we looked at the course again and watched the DH qualifying also. After getting so engrossed in the DH qualifying it was soon time to hit the track for some practice action, during practice I didn’t really ride that much as I knew the track already and wanted to conserve my energy for racing. I my first moto I would come up against Lukas Mechura, Richard Norton and Richard Gunynghame.
Out of the gate I got the snap and was ahead, I then came into contact with Lukas and causing me to unclip. Due to this I would come of the first straight In third place. Down the next straight I managed to get clipped back in and started chasing the first two down, however coming out of the third corner my chain got jammed meaning I couldn’t pedal. Being unable to pedal and not do any of the jumps allowed Richard Norton passed putting me in last place in my moto and knocking me out. Pat didn’t have the best of luck in his moto either also being knocked out making a very disappointing night for the both of us after qualifying so well.
After racing we headed back to the caravan in very low spirits and went to bed.
All in all I had a really good weekend up in Fort William with my team mates, my dad and all the other riders. Having some fun times on and off the bikes. It’s just a shame it had to end on such a low note. Thank again to my sponsors and my dad for making it all possible



Tom's Blog!
11th of June 2010

Tom Knight's Blog - NPS4X Rd2 & Euro 4X.

Last weekend saw the second round of the NPS4X series and the fourth round of the European 4X series down at Hales Super Bowl mountain board and bike centre.
We arrived early Saturday morning about 9 am and shortly after Pat CJ arrived with the small team van. The weather wasn't very good with a thin rainy mist coming down so we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dave Francoisy with the new team van so we could set up the team pits and get under some cover.
With the team pits set up and looking the business I went to sign on for Saturdays national round and started to get ready for some practice on the track. The track layout was pretty good, offering loads of overtaking opportunities and some pretty technical stuff too. The only bad thing about the track was the Pro line. The wide run in a small jumps meant the smaller line was faster which was a shame. Due to the rain the track conditions varied throughout the course, the sand berms at the top of the track became grippier, but the hard clay corners at the bottom of the track became very slippery making tyre choice a hard decision. Anyway despite the tricky conditions practice went well and I was ready for racing.
After a short break which turned out to be a long one, I headed up to the start for my motos. These all went pretty allowing me to take 4 straight victories allowing me pick of the gates in the semis. Semis came along and I choose the inside line which allowed me to have the good lines through the first two corners and progress through to the A final. Again because of my motos I had first pick of the gate so I choose the inside lane again. Jake Ward lined up next to me and Elliot Simmons took lane three leaving Luke Harris with lane four. Out the gate Jake got the snap and blocked me of meaning I was second going into the second corner, we both chose to take the inside corner. As we were coming out the second corner Jake slipped out forcing me to brake as to not run him over, as he was getting back up Elliot railed it round at the outside and took the lead Jake got up in second place and continued riding. Luke managed to forsee the crash and cut on the inside of me meaning he was in third and I was in last position heading down to the bottom of the track. On the penultimate corner Luke jumped wide and jumped to the inside of him and managed to push him out of line and take third position. I managed to hold this position round the last corner to take third.
So after a pretty successful day we washed the bikes and headed to the hotel for some food and some well deserved rest in preparation for the European 4X the next day.
We arrived pretty much the same time the next day in much better weather conditions bringing a smile to my face, but it was obvious that the weather wasn't as good over night. With easy ups and tents strewn all over the back hedge due to the gale force winds that had prevailed. This wind had dried the track out making it really sandy at the top and super fast down the bottom. I signed on and headed up for some practice. I knew the track pretty well from Saturday so I didn't need to ride that much, so I learned the qualifying lines I needed then called it quits after a few runs and waited for some gates. Shortly after practice it was time for qualifying, I was off just after the world cup pros so I got a chance to look at their lines on the top section whilst I waited. While I was watching I noticed that they were all taking the same line on the first corner which I hadn't spotted or practised so I wasn't sure whether I should take it. During my run I decided to take the line and it went pretty smoothly which was good, I ended up qualifying in 11th spot which I was really happy with. After the qualifying the Elites had a break whilst the rookie and master cats raced their motos and finals.
Once these races had finished it was straight into knock-out motos. Because I Qualified in 11th spot I had gate choice in my first moto meaning it was an easy win and progression through into round two. In the next moto I would come up against some stiffer competition including the current series leader Lucas Mechura, I came through in second place meaning I gained a place in the quarter finals. Again in this moto I would come up against Lucas but also this time Joost Wichman as well. I knew that I wouldn't be able to gate the two world cup pros so I decided to hang back a little but made sure I gated the guy in lane four. Down the first straight I hungback some more and cut off the guy in lane four, then swung across the track behind Joost and Lucas and took the fast line to the outside berm in the second corner. Joost and Lucas both took the inside line, Joost managed to ride it out but Lucas came across some problems. I railed the outside berm and managed to overtake him, I managed to block my line in the third corner by taking the inside. However Lucas railed the outside on the third corner giving him a lot more speed coming out which allowed him to sneak up the inside on corner four taking back the second qualification spot. I tried to keep with him and take back the place on the last corner but he was too wise to all my actions and kept his spot, so I was out.
With racing over we stayed to watch the semis and finals then washed the bike and headed home, after what was a great and rather successful weekend.
Big shout to all my sponsors for there awesome support this season and my dad for the huge part he plays.

Cheers Guys,


1st of June 2010

Identiti's French rider Antoine Bizet pulled a perfect double backflip at the Toulouse Champion's League...check out the video! Click on the link below...


Tom's World Cup Blog - Rd 1
12th of May 2010

Tom Knight's World Cup Blog Rd 1

UCI World Cup 4X RD1

On the 1st and 2nd of May the best riders in world descended on the small town called Houffalize in Belgium for the first round of the UCI World Cup 4X series and the second round of XC series.
We arrived on Wednesday before the race as did many of the Brits who were racing, arriving in Houffalize in the late afternoon giving us a chance to grab something to eat then head of to the hotel for a well deserved rest after a long days travelling.
The next day it was up bright and early for us as we needed to head down to town to ensure ourselves a good spot near the track as there was practice that evening. During the day I caught up with a lot of the Brits and had a detailed walk of the course to see whether is had changed from last year, I was walking it was evident to see that it hadn’t changed at all it was still very loose and there had been no change to any of the jumps of corners so all was looking good and I was itching to get on my bike for practice. As the first practice session dawned I got ready to ride and hooked up with fellow team mate Pat CJ and the Brit crew and headed to the top very eager to ride. I thought the first practice session went pretty well as I sorted all the jumps out even though they weren’t that big and practised the lines I thought would be fastest for qualifying without crashing. All the other Brits seemed to get on well to as they were all looking really fast come the end of practice. After practice a quick getaway was needed back to the hotel to make sure we in time to have some grub before the restaurant closed along side a nice cold jupiler.
On Friday we headed down to town again early in order to get a good spot and we managed to bag a spot up the top of the track which was really helpful during practice and off Course qualifying which was held that night. Trough out the day I spent most of my time chilling with Jake ward and watching the XC riders attempting a pretty gnarly downhill section which amused me for a while. Anyway before I knew it practice was about 15 minutes away so it was time to get ready to ride. Again during practice I just practised the fastest lines and I also did a few gates which were pretty fun. I was happy with how I was riding and was looking forward to my qualifying run. My qualifying run went ok I thought I didn’t make any mistakes or hold back from the speed I was going during practice anyway I crossed the line in roughly 54th place meaning I was just inside the qualification cut of point, however with quite a few riders still to go I had a feeling I may not have done enough. I turned out to be right as I ended up 69th 0.2 seconds out of the brackets. However many of the other Brits did including my team mate Pat CJ. So I was still looking forward to watching the racing and cheering the others on.
The eagerly awaited race was soon upon us and I was allocated the job of Pats mechanic which didn't last long as pat had an unfortunate crash just after gaining second place in his first moto meaning that he wouldn't be going through. Most of the Brits went out in the first round which was unfortunate leaving just Dan Atherton and Scott Beaumont flying the flag, Scott Beaumont raced really well managing to avoid all the carnage in the first corner to carry him home to a very impressive 6th place which I am sure was a big confidence booster for the rest of the season ahead. After the race was over we headed back to the hotel for some sleep because we had to leave early to get the tunnel home in the morning, missing the after party!.
Anyhow I really enjoyed my time in Houffalize chilling with all the crew and riding my bike it couldn't get much better really and I am really looking froward to Fort William which is the next WC in line for me to do it all again. I would just like to say a quick thanks to all my sponsors and people who are supporting me this season especially Matt at Ison and also my dad for putting in all the time and effort to get me there, Cheers guys. Tom.


French Identiti Riders win Ridekore!
16th of April 2010

Identiti Riders Win!

Identiti's French rider Antoine Bizet had a great win at the Ridekore comp at the weekend - checkout the video.

Click the link below.


Identiti sponsors Euro 4X series
7th of April 2010

Identiti have become a proud sponsor of the European 4X series.

One lucky winner of the series will win one of our brand new Krisis SL frames built into a complete bike ready for ripping.

We have now taken our first shipment of these super light race machines and are already shipping to bike shops near you! Be one of the first to get your hands on these amazing frames. They weigh in at only 3.89Lbs making it one of the lightest 4x specific frames you can buy.


New Team 4X Bikes
30th of March 2010

New Team 4X Race Bikes.

Identiti's 4X racers (Pat C-J, Tom Knight & Matt Jones) came into Ison HQ last week and picked up their shiny new Identiti Krisis SL bikes.


Chris Delia Interview!
3rd of March 2010

Identiti's Chris Delia gets interviewed on www.thefootdown.co.uk and his new Persona gets a bike check!

Click on the link below for the full story!


Woburn Web Edit
24th of February 2010

Woburn session web edit.

Blood, gore, claret all over the gaff! It's like a horror movie....actually it's not!

Glen Coe, Pat C-J and Matt Jones all have a little fun at Woburn Trails

(The guy at the end is Maz, the team mechanic, trying to be young again!!)

Click the link below for the action!


Danny Pace's new team bike.
17th of February 2010

We felt it was time for team Identiti's Danny Pace to have a new bike as he is soon jetting off to Woodward! It's a custom Identiti P66 built to Danny's spec.


Persona Sneek Peek!
8th of January 2010

We are stoked to announce that we have just finished the R&D on our new Fixed Gear Freestyle frame (the Persona) and we are now satisfied that it is exactly what we envisaged.

It should be available in Feb/March. In the meantime here are some sneek peek shots and details:

BMX/MTB influenced lightweight and strong frame for the Fixed Gear Freestyle fraternity.

Identiti are already trusted the World over in the 4X and Jump bike markets and have the knowledge and ability to produce performance hardtail frames and forks for this evolving market sector.

Most frames currently available for Fixie use were designed as “Road” products, and will struggle to handle harder use, so we’ve used some of the stuff we’ve learnt over the years to provide a strong but not excessively heavy frame that can handle today’s progressive riding.
We’ve tweaked the classic fixie frame geometry to provide a little more space up front for bar spins etc, and a sloping top tube…to allow more room and manouverability. A downtube box gusset adds additional strength where it is needed most.

The Persona also features unique Taper-Lock CNC dropouts keep your chain tight without the need for chain tugs and is in keeping with the frames’ minimalist clean looks. With the Taperlock system, your wheel can never pull forwards under pedal torque.

Sloping Top Tube.
Double butted TAF Cr-Moly tubing throughout.
19-15mm tapered seat stays.
Oval and tapered 410mm chainstays.
Taper-Lock CNC dropouts (no tugs required).
Open tail box downtube gusset.
Integrated headset (Campy type) included.
Sticker sheet included (non applied)

Weight : 2,305g (5.1 lbs).

Matte Black, Metallic Orange or Chrome Plate.

3 sizes: Small 49.4cm, Medium 51.4cm, Large 53.4cm.
Price around £275.00 including headset and seat clamp.

The Persona will also be available as a complete bike – full spec tba but they will definitely come with the superb Identiti FFX forks and Halo wheels. The attached image of the built up sample bike are pretty close to what will be the final specs.


Danny Pace Video
7th of January 2010

Check out Danny Pace's new video edit.

Photo by Sam Davies.

Click the link below.


Phil Auckland wins photo comp!
6th of January 2010

Identiti rider Phil Auckland along with his friend (and fantastic photographer) Adam Swords has won a Christmas photo comp on ridestreet.co.uk